We can install stainless steel chimney caps
with a lifetime warranty, or more economical
black steel caps with a limited warranty.
If you have a large or old chimney we
can protect the top with a custom
chimney cap in any size.
We offer minor chimney repairs such as
waterproofing, chimney crown sealing, and flashing
Waterproofing and crown sealing prevent damaging
water penetration to chimneys which can cause
deterioration to brick and mortar.
A chimney that has been waterproofed will last
much longer than one that hasn't.
Shown here is a chimney that has been
protected by waterproofing the brick,
"crown coat" on top, and a stainless steel
cap to keep water out of the fireplace.
Our company can do a safety inspection on the
condition of your chimney.  We use a professional
21 point inspection form that covers every area of
your chimney, both interior and exterior.
A safety inspection, or condition report  can be
beneficial if you're considering buying a new home,
or just want to change the type of fuel you burn in
your chimney.
If we find that your chimney is not up to the current
fire code, National Fire Protection Code safety
standards for wood burning (NFPA 211), in most
cases we can install a U.L. listed stainless steel
chimney liner with a lifetime warranty to bring it up to
Installing a stainless steel chimney
liner to bring the chimney up to
current fire code safety standards.
If the damper in your fireplace is not working
properly, we can install a new "top sealing" chimney
cap/damper on your chimney that won't rust out, and
seals tighter than the original.
We solve draft and
smoking problems.
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